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Our Core Services:

  • Outsourcing
  • Trade execution and optimization
  • Demand management
  • Outlet activation
  • Retail audit
  • Market storms/Town storms
  • Channel development support and activities
  • Transmission Line of Sight Survey (LOS)
  • I.T and Telecommunications Training
  • Consultancy/Training
  • Equipment installation and procurement


The last four is done with our core network infrastructure and deployment partners.

Optimus Telecoms Services Limited operating structure allows for an efficient allocation of resources to meet customer demand. The Company offers services direct from planning, which is another of the foundations to our success. We try to anticipate all eventualities and create workable implementation plans and solutions. We are continuously working to improve our services and constantly seeking out products or solutions to meet our clients required standard as well as the Industrial Accepted Standard.


We provide our valued clients with high quality, real time, on-schedule and cost effective services as follows:



We embark on outsourcing of different activities around the channel and Trade. Provision of market developers, new product campaigners, mystery shoppers, call centre agents, sim registration agents e.t.c


Trade Execution and Optimisation:

We partner with our client in executing trade optimisation programmes like standard measurement and compliance, price compliance and survey, ethical behaviour enforcement, trade promo activities and logistics,  promo prizes administration, in-outlet execution training for channel Partners e.t.c.


Demand Management:

Our team of highly skilled staff carry out all demand management activities such as subscriber acquisition activities like SIM registration, activation campaign, road shows, sales canvassing activities, mystery shopping and Trade surveys.


Outlet activation:

This includes all activities around aggressive retail roll out and deployment. We provide data on retail universe and possible courses of action that can be beneficial to our client. We provide strategy around cultivating alternate retail touch point not yet explored by our client depending on situation analysis.


Market Storm/Town Storm:

Our team of highly skilled Transmission surveyors carries out detailed and quality line of site surveys and link engineering analysis using modern link engineering design software’s (Path loss, Start link).


Channel Development support services

This includes but not limited to channel Partners training, merchandising and POS deployment, trade promo support services, compliance and quality assurance monitoring and checks, SKU adherence check, territorial planning, delineation and demarcation e.t.c.


And in conjunction with our core network partners and solution providers we provide:


Microwave Path Survey, Line of Sight (LOS) and Link Engineering:

Our team of highly skilled Transmission surveyors carries out detailed and quality line of site surveys and link engineering analysis using modern link engineering design software’s (Path loss, Start link).

We engage the use of Differential GPS and Theodolite for accurate ground elevation measurements and we have digital elevation maps for digital topological map readings.

Despite the use of modern path survey tools our engineers still verify our path surveys by using scale 1:50,000 topological maps for accuracy and reconfirmation of LOS.

A comprehensive LOS report is submitted to the customer, hop by hop at the end of the project


RF Survey and Optimization:

Our expertise in survey also covers the RF. With our highly skill professional with international exposure on the job training and practice, we can successfully carry out the following RF survey:

  • RF Survey and Planning
  • RF Network Optimization
  • Drive Test


Microwave, Mux and RF Equipment installation:

Optimus Telecoms Services Limited Integrated   is actively involved in the installation of both terrestrial and satellite microwave telecommunications equipment for a variety of equipment manufacturers with emphasis on our Global system for mobile telecommunications (GSM) clients.

Our installation team comprises of a team lead who basically is an experienced transmission engineer, one or two technicians and a retinue of Riggers, the number of riggers and technicians deployed is dependent on the magnitude of the project and the reports from our project management and implementation crew.

We also install base station antennas in the 900 and 1800 GHZ band and multiplexer  


Test and Measurement

Optimus Telecoms Services Limited Integrated carries out comprehensive and detailed acceptance test procedures (ATP) on behalf of our clients for microwave radio installations.

Our ATP services include:

  • Frequency Band clearing
  • Cable Sweep Test
  • Power test using power meters
  • RSL Readings
  • Bit Error rate test on microwave system


I.T and Telecommunications Training and Consultancy:

With our strong and strategic affiliate with Widermind, a Swedish telecommunications training and Consultancy firm, we carry out consultancy and training on ICT related issues, some of our training packages includes:

  • I.T Certifications on Cisco and Microsoft
  • GSM and Advance wireless technology
  • UMTS and 3.5G training
  • Network Optimization
  • LOS survey
  • Training on Spectrum Analysis.
  • Spectrum Band clearing.
  • Fundamentals of Microwave equipment Installation


Wireless Access Solutions

The evolving wireless infrastructure is a mix of 2G and 3G equipment. The transition is enabled by the General Packet Radio Services (GPRS) standard for upgrading 2G networks for high-speed data services. The newer 3G platforms have greater data processing capabilities and can provide higher bit rate services for Web access and high-quality images. In older wireless networks, 2G is accomplished with a base transceiver station (BTS), base station controller (BSC), and mobile switching center (MSC) combination.

Optimus Telecoms Services Limited has being able to position itself amidst all these evolving technologies by forming an alliance with a GPRS /EDGE modem manufacturer for the supply and installation of such to its intending clients who are in need of  mobile internet services using the existing GSM or CDMA networks.


Equipment procurement:

Optimus Telecoms Services Limited can help procure telecommunications infrastructure equipment ranging from: RF cables, GSM and CDMA repeaters, IF cables, Shelters, Tower parts, Radio Equipment antennas and more to highly complicated testing and commissioning tools like BER testers (PDH and SDH) and DWDM testers 

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